Protectors of the Light

International Demographic Summit
Moscow Russia
June 2011
Shelly Locke

Motherhood is the grandest calling on earth that woman can fulfill. For she is the Bringer of the Lives and partitions out for man, the very essence of all life,  as she molds and shapes the young ones in her care. She it is who feeds and nourishes the babe, from the very start and protects the child growing near her side. And this, for generations throughout time, has been her role, to bring forth the human race. By her sacrifice and love, her tenderness of care, the many gifts and talents that she bears, have blessed all mankind. And she continues in her realm, the very picture of the beauty of womankind indeed. The Mother draws forth life and gives her love and shapes the world anew. For with each new life that’s born, the world begins again to be a better place, by her priceless gift. For she carries forth the workings of all life by her contribution rare, divine and necessary for the promulgation of mankind. By her, are the nations wrought upon the earth. By her, do nations stand in strength upon their feet and hold their heads up high, as the very best and brightest of the land, move their way along beneath her guidance and direction for their lives until, they are set free to make the world a better place and give their strength and their ideals to the world at large and strengthen everyone’s capacity to give. The life spark that all women possess, is the very source of power that they give. For it is inspiration to do right, the courage to be strong, the wit, the intelligence and strength that is so needed in the world today. By Mothers are the nations of the world kept sovereign. For when a Mother’s role’s usurped, great destruction lies in wait, as the nations are denied the strength they need to progress and to become all that they could have been, in development, in aptitude, in glory and in greatness for their day.

And so it is by Mothers, that these things come to be. No one occupies her sphere nor takes her place. For she is the Bringer and the Shaper of the Lives and as she goes, the nation goes. Protect her and revere her, and the nation remains strong. Reduce her, disregard her-- all is lost, of the mighty nation that once was. For if she is forgotten, or not allowed to exist, the strength and greatness of the world is diminished by her absence. For her beauty lights the world, and brings a grace to life that simply no one can, as best she does. And evermore, if we’re to turn the world around and set things now to rights, we must have Mothers in their place, as the protectors of the family and home. For with her there, the nation grows in number and in strength. The protection of the Mothers, keeps everyone else safe, and promises the future will be bright. For families build the nations and Mothers build the family aloft.

Fathers, the Providers and Protectors of the family as well, insure the propensity of the future generations in his care. And together they make up the fabric of all life; the Father, Mother, Child, elements of life, that must be secured if mankind is to go on, and if the nations of the world want to stand tall and provide for their defense, see their children safe at home, and bear forth their cultures as they are. These are the gifts of Family, the very heart and soul of humankind brought to bear for everyone to benefit thereby.

The grandeur and the grace and the beauty of the human race are diminished if the Mother is not there. She must be protected for her contribution priceless, merits out the greatest gifts of all mankind- The Gift of Life, the Gift of Hope, the Gift of Love, the Gift of Peace. For she carries in her being, the nobility of life and freely shares her gifts with all, that everyone is edified, uplifted by her grace. These attributes divine, allow her place to be unique and reverence and respect is what is needed for her role to go forth, undiminished in the earth that all mankind shall see her worth. For she is the Mother of the Nations and brings all mankind to bear, that by her, is the very future brought. We must decide today, to reinstate her role before all mankind is lost-- and it is too late. For she carries forth in love, her duty to perform in the bringing of mankind to the earth and priceless then is she, who serves her fellowman, so valiantly, so well. No less than reverence should be paid by our respect. No more our gratitude un-shown. But instead, where slight and slander stood, let us burnish out a light~ so bright to her, that it lights the whole wide world. Let this be the day when we declared that Motherhood with all its attendant beauties is a gift to all mankind.

Respected and protected from now on, by policies and practices,  that revere her place and allow her now to serve in her noted sphere where lives are engendered to greatness by her love, because she was allowed to greet the world—as the Blessed Mother of Mankind.

Let this be the watch cry of our day, that we saved the Mother’s role and held it high for all mankind to see, that by sovereignty and strength (grace) she was protected and proclaimed as the Bringer and the Keeper of the Lives—Revered and so respected, that no one and nothing takes her place, for truly no one does, nor ever can. For there is one Mother for the loving child’s soul and she must be there, to fill that soul with light. And together we can spread that light abroad, by shaping our tomorrows, yet today.

Let us declare that our role is:
Protectors of the Light-- that every home and every soul is governed out in love—that every nation now grows stronger day by day, because we stood for Motherhood and held her honor high. This, this is the way to a bright successful future for us all, that in the end, we did all we could to move her cause along, and bring her to a place of recognition and great height, that she stood tall, and knew our gratitude and love, as The Mother of the Nation and the World!