Mothers of the Nations

Shelly Locke

The Mothers of the nations, keep their countries strong, they lend themselves, to the sovereignty indeed.  For the Mothers, bring the future of the land, and by their efforts, keep the flame of hope alive, for all mankind.  For Mothers are the Bringers and the Keepers and the Shapers of the Lives, that by their loving grace, is the very fabric of the nation woven, in hearts and homes alike.  For the true magnificence of Motherhood, lies beneath the heart, that gives all it can, to the betterment of man.  And Mothers, bring the nations alive, by their contributions rare and sweet, and hallow the existence of man, that he goes not awry.  For the Mother’s folds are the comforts of all life and with her fine influence for good, the entire world is cumbered about by virtues, powerful and great, that in her aspect, lives the dream and vision of the future of mankind.  For her measurement of life, becomes the definition of all life, as she perceives the grandeur and the beauty of this world and transposes it, into the hearts of those, destined now to be, the ‘Great Ones of the Earth’ brought forth, for such a time as this, to enrich the earth and bring all gifts, in nobility and greatness on the earth.  Such is the Mother’s role, and it must not be usurped, or all is lost.  And burning in the heart of nations great and small, is the ember of the Mother’s love, that sparks the flame, to light the way before all mankind, to prove herewith, all that they could be, in magnificence grace, because a Mother’s influence was felt and kindled and revered and appreciated for the glory that is, upon a life once small, now large and influential in itself, because she was there, to give it life, and bring to pass, the mortality of man upon the earth, generations yet to come, forevermore.

These are the roles of Mother, the Preserver and the Protector of all Life and we must keep her flame aloft, or lose the light that emanates there from, by which men find their way, in the darkness of the world.

These are the true gifts of Mothers, the beacons of the light of life, and liberty and sovereignty and might, brought about through centuries of tender, loving care, through sacrifice, through sheer determination and pure will.

For these are the powers of the Mothers of the earth, the heralds of a brighter day to come.  The hope, the essence of all life in her noble sphere, where mankind can rest their head, and rise to heights triumphant, through a Mother’s care, as she captures out the vision of all life, and passes on from one generation to the next, the eternal flame of brilliance in the begetting of a life.  These are the tenets of Motherhood aloft; the claiming virtues of all life, that lift men’s souls, and cause them to reach great heights and have the courage to go on.

These are the portions of a Mother’s soul~ the capstone and foundation of society at large and bearing now, the future in her hands, she ascends the heights and shows us what is possible in life.  These are the merits of a Mother’s love, the gifts so tremulous and great, that one can hardly dare to draw a breath while looking on the visage of her love.  For she wields a mighty power as the influence for good and brings the nations to their knees in deference to the debt she pays for all, as she brings the life of all mankind to be~~that every man upon the earth, might become what he was meant to be, because the Mother of all life, gave her heart and soul, to pass on life’s greatest gifts.  We must protect the Mother’s role or all is lost, and the essence of all life, ceases now to be.  For inroads great and small, erode her noble role and she herself may indeed, cease to be, if we are not wise and prudent in her care.

Let us defend her noble role, and bear forth the banner now triumphant, that the centuries that find their way from here, have us to thank for their propagation and their birth, that time marches on, in the loving arms of Mothers, bent on giving everything they have, to the purpose for which womankind exists; to bring forth upon the earth, the human race of man, and revel in her sphere, as the Bringer of all Life~ with one life to give to the greatness of mankind.   Let this be our petition and our cry~~to keep the Mothers strong, that the nations now go on, in perpetuity and strength, holding nothing back from her support, but rather honoring her gracious role, and promoting all she does, to shape the moral capitol of life, to instill in all mankind, the greatness they could be.  Let us give our all, to providing for her role, that she no more goes amiss in the accolades of man, that when all is said and done, the Mothers of the world shall be reverenced and respected, as they should be, for their good and the good of all mankind.

These things, find self-evident and true~~that Motherhood is the power of all life, the institution of the hallowed hand of God, and beside the strength of Fatherhood, they two, bear the miracle and value of all life, decisive to a nation now for good, for its well-being and its strength.  For it is by families, that the hopes of all mankind will go on, and together, the families of the world unite, to bring the whole human family to life.  And evermore in love, the work of life goes on, to shape a nation and the earth~~ eternities to come.