Mothers Helping Mothers and Children of the World

Many humanitarian missions have been fulfilled through Heart of the World Foundation.
If you are interested in improving the conditions and quality of life for Mothers and Children throughout the world, please contact Shelly Locke at

There are many kinds of opportunities where individuals, families, and organizations can participate.
Every contribution counts, no matter how small.

There is an ongoing need for 45 x 60 fleece blankets, the contents of newborn kits, hygiene kits and school kits.
If you have questions or need information regarding a humanitarian project, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Guidelines and Instructions for Humanitarian Contributions

Simply click the links below for information:

Fleece Blanket Tutorial

Guidelines for Newborn Kits

Pattern for Layette Gowns

Hygeiene Kits Guidelines

School Kit Guidelines


Completed Missions

Nigeria 2010

Nigeria 2010

Russia 2011

Russia Collage

Spain 2012

Madrid 2012

Texas 2012

Texas 2012

Nigeria 2012

Nigeria 2012

Heart of the World has served Mothers and Children of:

Australia 2013

New Zealand 2013

Trinidad 2013

Fiji 2013

Russia 2014

China 2014