Mothers of the Earth Arise

Shelly Locke
Madrid 2012

Mothers of the Earth Arise and take on your glory, brilliance, light, that all mankind shall see, your nobility and worth to all the world! For Mothers are the Bringers and the Keepers and the Shapers of the world, that evermore in love, the glory of mankind belongs to you! For you bring the future. You shape the nations of the world and you, Keep the flames light in the hearts now bright, by your goodness and your love. These are the blessings of the Mothers of Mankind. For they are the key to the generations for all time. Mothers light the world, by their temperance and love. They bring the moral character alive. And by their gifts and crafting of a life, the entire world is better by their love. For Mothers embody the meaning of all life, the love, the goodness of mankind and pass it on, to generations by their care, and thus the whole wide world goes on, in perpetuity and love. But for the Mothers of the earth, the generations of mankind would all be lost. For Motherhood provides the fiber upon which the fabric of humanity is woven for mankind. And by her hand and tender love, does the world go on in greatness for all time. For all history points back to the loving hand of woman, when great deeds are claimed in the public square. For behind the driving force of man, is the gentle art of Motherhood, which ignites a soul, brings a life into being and prepares that life, for the greatness it will be. Without Mothers, the whole world goes awry, and the coldness of mankind snuffs out the ember of all life, and cataclysmic are the end results thereof. For without a Mother’s gentle, guiding hand, there is no peace, there is no love, there is no tender, gentle care, that rocks the cradle there, and from that loss, the life once bold, goes on, hollow and quite mute.

But with a Mother there, the greatness of that life, emblazons on the world, the greatest works that man can ever claim. For it is her inspiration, and her power, to light that life ablaze, that shapes and spurs on, the greatness of the world. For great or small, her significance is felt, and the whole wide world bemoans the loss when she is taken from her role.

The time has come to say, ‘Arise, Fair Mothers of the Earth’ and lend yourselves to the nobility of mankind. For all the world awaits the greatness of your hand, that all may benefit thereby. For when a Mother shapes a life by tender, loving care, it is forever changed from what it would have been, to what it now shall be. For the grace of Mothers, permeates a life and lifts and inculcates the soul with sparks of greatness and of vision, regarding what could be, with proper channeling and strength, and the whole wide world, is a better place, because of a Mother’s care.

The human calamity of social outrage can be turned around, by respecting, honoring and supporting the role of Mothers in her sphere. For she has work to do, in the lives entrusted to her care, and evermore this work must go on, uninterrupted, and valued for the good that it does all mankind. Mothers drive the moral capital of nations and the moral turpitude of men, and share with all mankind, a nobler, gentler way, that strengthens nations and the world. For when Mothers are respected and revered, every form of social structure is the better. For mankind is shaped in ways humane and productive, for the good, by her investment in the lives. And beyond compare, the moral force is a tide for good, when the Mothers are allowed to perform their role.

Mothers bring the human capital to bear upon the nations where she lives. For it is by her work in the rearing of their lives, that she provides the future of the working structure of the world!

Mothers provide the artistic capital of society at large. For it is through the Mother’s eyes that a child first regards the beauty of the world and comes to appreciate the grandeur and the scope and delicate creation of all life. For it is her impression of the good, the altruistic, the sublime, that imprints itself upon the young child’s soul. And from there, the gifts and talents of the child, create the world~ more beautiful by far, than anything that man imagined e’re before, for the Mother left her gracious mark upon that life, and evermore, mankind was edified, uplifted by her gift.

To see a nation strong, we must see the Mothers, reestablished in their place, and allowed the freedom they deserve, to raise their own children, full of truth and light, secure in the fact that their Mother is there and will be, as long as she is needed for their good. Mothers’ roles must not be usurped, for the nations to go on, in perpetuity and strength. For the crumbling nation can look back, on the moment when it lost its role of Mothers, with a deep regret for all that has been lost. And swiftly, must the forces move, that restore the peace, to give the love and form the lives and strengthen the nations and the world~ before all is lost. For this path of destruction, leads to no good end. But with the Mother firmly in her place, afraid of no usurpation, fully vested in her craft, the nations of the world come alive, to light the world ablaze and bear for all time, the mark of greatness by their deeds, because they honored Mothers and their sacred, noble role, and bore her the deference she deserves, by the policies and practices that help her in her realm, to develop cultures that go on in love and strength and beauty for all time.

These are the tenets of all life; That with Mothers in their place, the work of life goes on, in fullness and in grandeur for the good of all mankind. For we are all connected in the Family of Man and as such, have a vested interest in our neighbor’s good. And bound together in a common cause, to see the Mother’s role protected and paid homage, for the worth it is, to nations of the world, is all mankind better off and the work and substance of the nations will go on, at a higher level than we can now imagine in our minds. For with Mothers’ roles re-placed, so she functions with her heart and soul, attending to the intricacies of life, shall the nations of the world go on, in boldness for their sake, proud to hold their heads up high. For the reflection of a nation, is only that of the Mothers of their land. For as the Mother goes, so goes the nation; in misery, disgrace, or nobility and greatness, for the whole wide world to see!

Let us resolve this day, to dedicate our time, our energies to protecting Mothers’ roles, with policies and practices that provide for her freedom, to protect the lives and bring the stature of the nations, back to life, with well-run homes, and hearts alive, because she was there, and allowed, to care for her nation, one child at a time, as it was always meant to be.